Why should I train my dog?

Why should I train my dog?

Training is a great way to bond with your new dog and everyone wants a well behaved dog but it is up to us, the humans, to put the work in. We recommend the use of only Positive Reinforcement and Force Free training methods.

Training should be fun and reward based; food, praise, off lead play and toys. Training sessions should be seen as playtimes.

Remember: Training is a game your dog always wins!

Training Tip: 3 Second treat rule.

When should I reward my dog?

Reward for desired behaviour and ignore any unwanted behavior, giving out to your dog teaches them nothing. Dogs only repeat behavior that is reinforced.        

Try not to use “don’t” or “NO”. It is much easier to train your dog to do something you want them to do as opposed to train them not do something and they will follow these instructions easier.

Training Tip: Think what would I like my dog to be doing instead?


  • Don’t jump – ask for sit
  • Don’t chew that- chew this instead & praise for chewing the right things
  • Don’t beg at the table- instead go to your area and have a nice KONG.

Learning through consequences

The associations your dog makes are going to form the future decisions they make.

  • Stare at someone eating- gets fed= this works, repeat this. Instead: ignore completely or send to bed or mat while eating.
  • Jumps on person- gets rubs= this works; repeats this.

Instead: ask for a sit before giving a rub.

  • Cry/ whine/bark for attention- someone comes even if it is to give out = this works as they will only associate the person coming to them (the “giving out” serves no purpose).

Instead: wait for a couple of seconds of silence before returning to your dog.   

Here in the DSPCA we run several training classes in varies locations around Dublin; 4 weeks adult and puppy courses, private 1-2-1 training, workshops, free behavior assessments.

Phone us on 01-4994795

Email us info@dspcadogtraining.ie

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