Study Online

Duration: Learn in your own time, whenever and wherever you want!

Course assignments must be completed within 3 months of purchase date.

Prerequisites: None

Award: DSPCA Certificate


  1. Study Skills
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Evolution/History
  4. Canine Communication
  5. Canine Learning
  6. Dog Training
  7. Problem Solving
  8. Canine Aggression
  9. Health & Physiology
  10. Dog Breeds
  11. Working Service Dogs


This course aims to give a full introductory overview of the modern canine looking at such topics as core physiology, evolution, training and canine learning theory. Once we have a clearer picture of what makes our dogs tick, we move into covering topics such as canine communication and models of behaviour. All of our programmes begin with a module discussing learning and study skills that outlines how best to follow our courses but also provides a re-introduction to those that have been out of the education scene for some time.



The programme consists of a number of assessment types. Each module will be assessed via one of the following: Multiple Choice Quizzes (MCQs)Course assignments must be completed within 3 months of purchase date.

Career Opportunities

This programme is designed as a short introduction.. It is not sufficient to become a dog trainer or behaviorist. It does, however provide a solid grounding to allow the learner to make decisions on whether or not to pursue such a career.

Cost – €600.00



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