Nicola Gibbons

DSPCA Senior Dog Trainer

Nicola’s love for dogs started when her aunt brought home a cavalier king charles puppy named Prince. Nicola loved spending all her spare time playing with him and bringing him to training classes. Since then Nicola has owned a variety of different animals including gerbils, birds, rabbits, fish, rats, cats and dogs.

Today Nicola lives with her two year old lurcher named Gus and one year old German Shepard Raven who is full of energy and loves to learn new tricks and commands.

In 2013 Nicola graduated with a distinction in Animal care and has recently completed an Advanced Diploma in “My Canine Companion”. Nicola is also a certified Canine first aid responder.

Nicola applied for the Dog Training Internship in 2016 internship where her love for dogs grew more and more each day she got to work with them, she was offered a full time position and now works in the DSPCA pet boarding and doggie daycare facility where she loves to spend time looking after and getting to know all the different personalities of the dogs and cats, you will also meet Nicola

Nicola looks forward to furthering her career in the DSPCA.

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