Kate Fitzsimons

DSPCA Senior Dog Trainer

Kate’s love of animals was evident from a very young age. From tuning into every animal TV show available (Monkey Business being top of the list), to using her weekly pocket money to sponsor an animal in need.

Kate is an experienced pet owner and has cared for lots of different creatures including – budgies, parakeets, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and of course, many dogs.

Today, Kate is kept busy with four of her own four-legged friends – Nova, Phoebe, Charlie & Nelson.

Her connection with dogs speaks for itself as she has successfully helped her own dogs overcome issues including aggression and anxiety. Where once Shadow and Charlie hated the sight of each other they now live together as one happy family.

Upon completing her leaving certificate in 2014, Kate was quick to start volunteering with the DSPCA. This is where she fell in love with Doggie Day Care and Boarding.

Graduating with a distinction in Animal Care and Husbandry and qualifying as a Canine First Responder, the DSPCA became Kate’s forever home. Kate has a true passion for all things canine, in particular, dog behaviour and psychology.

While working full time in Doggie Daycare, Kate continued her studies with the “My Canine Companion” course. Kate has also worked as an Assistant Trainer in Level 1 and Level 2 Training Classes. Her Saturday mornings were spent running the Puppy Playdates helping puppies gain that vital early socialisation and giving much needed advice to their owners.

All the hard work paid off as Kate has passed her exam and graduated as a Dog Trainer.

With the DSPCA Kate is excited about what the future holds.

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