Jennifer Burford

DSPCA Head Dog Trainer

Jenny’s love for animals started at a very young age. Jenny was forever bringing home strays from dogs to hedgehogs. She loved spending time in both her grandparents homes and on her mothers side she fell in love with a German Shepard called Sheba who she helped to deliver her first litter. On her father’s side they also had a German Shepard called Rocky who they all adored and a collie called Ronnie and that’s where her love for collies grew.

Jenny’s first animal job was working for a lizard breeder and went on to breed her own but always had a passion to work with dogs. Jenny saw an opening for an internship with DSPCA in 2013 which she applied for and was accepted.Jenny committed herself throughout the internship and successfully got a full-time position within our doggy daycare facility.

Jenny loves to work with misunderstood dogs as she is a firm believer that there is no such thing as a bad dog. Jenny continued to study and went on to make it onto our training team.

Jenny then moved on to run our free Puppy Socialisation Playdates every Saturday at the Dspca. This gave her the chance to chat with new dog owners and help in any way she can while also raising awareness to the importance of socialisation at a young age while also creating a bond with the owner and dog.

Jenny continued to further her training and is now our Boarding and Daycare supervisor. She has also made her way to be our Head Trainer of our Training team and currently runs her own Training classes.

Jenny shares her home with two of her best furry pals, 7-year-old collie called Toby who is one of the most affectionate and loyal dogs she has ever met. They have a special bond and have been through so much together. Then there is her three year old princess Jessie who is also a collie and is such a clever dog who gives the best cuddles. Jessie is a reactive dog and both Jessie and Jenny have learned a lot from eachother and taught eachother so much. Both dogs are typical collies full of life and she would be truly be lost without them.

Jenny is extremely proud to work at  DSPCA and will always continue to further her training.

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