Enda Mullen

Enda has been involved with the DSPCA since 2012, firstly as a client and then as part of our dog training team. Enda has always loved animals and has had a variety of pets over the years.

Strangely enough though, Enda was afraid of dogs as a child until Silver her collie joined the family when she was ten. Enda began learning from dogs when Silver arrived and not just learning about them.

“Every dog I meet teaches me something new” Enda says, “I especially like watching them interact with other dogs and with their owners. I love being part of the developing relationship between the dog and its owners which happens through the five weeks of our classes.”

Because of her own childhood fear of dogs Enda has a special interest in the relationship between children and dogs. Having a dog in their lives can really help children develop empathy and a sense of responsibility. At the same time young children need to be taught how to relate to dogs in a way that keeps them safe because they do not know how to read dog’s body language.

Enda currently has two rescue dogs keeping her on her toes. With a background in Education and Ecology Enda also has a number of diplomas in Canine Behavior and Training.

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