My dog wears a muzzle!

Why? The reasons why a dog might be wearing a muzzle

  • To stop them from eating things they shouldn’t off the ground!
  • They may be working on their anxiety around strangers and dogs.
  • Both dog and owner feel safer if it is on!
  • To stop dogs with high prey drive catching and hunting wildlife
  • Practicing good muzzle skills for our next visit to the vet or groomers
  • Either dog or owner prefer a little more space and the muzzle keeps most humans and dogs at a distance
  • The owner prefers a little more space!

Just because a dog is wearing a muzzle does NOT mean:

  • He is vicious and will attack you at any moment
  • He should be kept away from the same training classes, activities and outdoor adventures that you and your dog can enjoy together
  • It’s OK for you to come up and try to interact with him without asking first

If you see a dog wearing a muzzle:

  • Give space
  • Be kind
  • Move on with your dogs and your kids
  • Recognize that the owner is doing their best to promote responsible dog ownership, safety & comfort for everyone, including their dog and your family.

Interested in muzzle training? We can arrange this in a one to one training session. Please phone 01-4994795 or click here

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