Online Diploma Course

Duration: Learn in your own time, whenever and wherever you want!

Prerequisites: None

Award: DSPCA Certificate


  1. Study Skills
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Evolution/History
  4. Canine Communication
  5. Canine Learning
  6. Dog Training
  7. Problem Solving
  8. Canine Aggression
  9. Health & Physiology
  10. Dog Breeds


This course aims to give a full introductory overview of the modern canine looking at such topics as core physiology, evolution, training and canine learning theory. Once we have a clearer picture of what makes our dogs tick, we move into covering topics such as canine communication and models of behaviour. All of our programmes begin with a module discussing learning and study skills that outlines how best to follow our courses but also provides a re-introduction to those that have been out of the education scene for some time.


The programme consists of a number of assessment types. Each module will be assessed via one of the following: Multiple Choice Quizzes (MCQs); short written discussion; short-answer exam; examinations and analysis of case studies; and practical examina- tions. Each component of assessment must be passed to com- plete the programme. The specific requirements for each piece of assessment will be clearly marked on the module descriptor. While there is rigorous assessment throughout this course, we want you to succeed. There will always be an instructor available to help with any questions or worries you have as you go through this course, and the material has been designed to be as clear and thorough as possible.

Career Opportunities

This programme is designed as a short introduction.. It is not sufficient in isolation to become a dog trainer or behaviorist. It does, however provide a solid grounding to allow the learner to make decisions on whether or not to pursue such a career or to advance to our internship programme, along with being a foundation module for other courses currently in development.

Cost – €600.00


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