Halloween Safety Tips For Pets

With Halloween only weeks away and fireworks already starting in many areas, now is the best time to start preparing your pets for Halloween.

Ensure your pets are micro-chipped! Not only is it the law but if your pet becomes lost it is the first step any rescue or vet will take…. they will scan your pet for the chip which should then hold all of your contact information.

It is most important after getting your pet micro-chipped to register your details with FIDO.

If your dog is from a breeder or rescue center again you will need to complete a form from FIDO where you complete your contact information. We go through this process on adoption day and you will then receive a certificate from FIDO confirming your details and micro-chip certificate.

If you are unsure if your pets microchip details are up to date you can check with your vet or online here

Your pet isn’t micro-chipped? Visit our Mobile Vet Clinic it will cost you only €15.00 for the microchip AND registration. Don’t forget it is now the law to have your pet micro-chipped!

Find out more information here on our mobile clinic service.

Begin now to desensitize your pet to fireworks and other loud noises, it’s best to start working as far in advance as possible.

Play this link regularly starting from a low level and gradually building up the volume over time. Do this during feeding or play time for your pet.

Eventually, your dog will associate the sound of fireworks with happy and fun moments.

Remember to remain calm if you make a big deal out of fireworks when your dogs not scared, he may eventually develop anxiety about fireworks!

Don’t leave animals in a room with lit candles or pumpkins. Dogs can have lethal tails, wagging all over the place.

Make sure that lighted candles are kept where they cannot be knocked over by a wagging tail or by a curious cat.

Not only could your pet start a fire, but they could severely burn themselves in the process.

People start letting off fireworks earlier than Halloween night and ensure that they have a safe, quiet place inside where they aren’t frightened by all of the noise and excitement and where they cannot escape through the constantly open door.

A quiet, inner room where they can’t hear much of the noise from fireworks and loud bangs can help.

Don’t dress animals up in costumes as many pets find this uncomfortable and stressful.

Don’t take pets trick-or-treating.

Dogs can become very distressed and confused by all the noise and activity with strange smells, costumes and loud bangs from fireworks.

Keep pets away from Halloween decorations and tell children not to share any sweets and chocolate with their pets.

Chocolate is toxic to pets

If your pet is extremely nervous we recommend booking them into our dog & cat hotel, situated on the foot of the Dublin Mountains there is no sound of fireworks or doorbells on Halloween night!

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