The Terrible Three

Recall, Leash Manners, Jumping up!

Fee: 3 Week course is €100.00 (+Eventbrite Fees)

Duration: 1 Hour class each week


  1. Recall, coming when called with distractions
  2. Focus & Attention with distractions
  3. Jumping up and self control
  4. Leave it – Take it

Course Outline:

Has your dog developed pulling on leash,  selective hearing when called and jumping up on guests?

Our 3 week Terrible Three class will focus on this very common terrible trio of issues:

·Recall, coming when called with distractions.

·Loose leash walking and what to do when your dog is pulling towards something.

·Jumping up and self control.

Course Material Provided:

  • Terrible Three Exercises
  • Training Notes

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