We are offer a two week private training course for your dog to come stay with us in our pet boarding facility, which has specially designed and heated dog hotel suites. This is boarding combined with private training lessons with our Trainers. When your dog is not in lessons, they will have access to our doggie day care facility, where socialisation training takes place.

During your dogs stay, they will work on specific issues, designed around your requirements.


  • Both male & female dogs over the age of 6 months must be neutered
  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated including the kennel cough vaccine (This must be done a minimum of 14 days before arrival) 
  • 50% deposit is required to hold your dates in our pet hotel

Whats included? 

  • 14 Night Stay in our Pet Hotel
  • Access to our doggie daycare for off lead socialisation (only for sociable dogs)
  • One to one training with our training team onsite at DSPCA
  • One to one session on collection with yourself and your dog to train the humans!


Our bootcamp training in our pet boarding facility is €950 per dog

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